Working Time

Monday – Saturday 24 – Hours
Sunday 9.00 – 14.00
Emergency 24 – Hours

Doctors Timetable

Our doctors usually work on regular days and below is a timetable showing when they are usually available.


Appointments may be made for routine visits or new problems that you may be experiencing.  please call the provider’s office for a list of available appointments to meet your needs. You can also make an online appointment by clicking below.

Emergency Cases


In case of Emergency please call. Our emergency services are 24 hours.

Welcome to Al-Noor Hospital

Al-Noor hospital is a 100 bed comprehensive multispecialty center for healthcare, as one of the largest medical center in Pasrur. ANH offers a complete range of diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities for adults and children. The goal of ANH is to provide superior healthcare in a safe, compassionate environment while fulfilling our charitable obligation as nonprofit organization.

We are all about improving and raising our bar on how fast we can move toward realizing our dream of being the leaders in healthcare. To achieve this dream, we have chosen people who have inculcate innovation, ethics and humaneness combined with great caliber. In our pursuit to offer the highest international quality healthcare in the region, we deliver premium medical care in most comfortable reassuring ambience.

We represent all medical specialties and offer a wide range of medical, surgical, diagnostic and wellness programs. High quality care coupled with ANH’s convenient location, are reasons many patients choose to be treated here.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Our Salient features

The regular health check-ups can protect you from illness & increase life expectancy.Go for a regular health check-up once or twice a year.

  • 100 bed hospital with ideal location.
  • All medical facilities with state of the art technology under one roof.
  • On site housing facilities for staff and Patient families.
  • Well equipped operation theaters, ICU, Laboratory and Pharmacy .
  • Large waiting area with spacious rooms.
  • 24 hours pharmacy, Prayer area, Kitchen & Patient Relative accommodation.
  • Highly Equipped labor room , Neonatal ICU and nursery.
  • Easy access to outpatient department, pharmacy, laboratory and dialysis Centre

Meet Our Doctors

  • Outpatient surgery

    Dr. Rodney Stratton

        36 years experience

    Highly qualified Specialists & doctors.

    We will update our doctors soon!

  • Gynaecological

    Dr. Rodney Stratton

        36 years experience

    Coming Soon!

  • Pediatric

    Dr. Rodney Stratton

        36 years experience

    Coming Soon!
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Departments & Services


Traumatology & Emergency



Chest & Pulmonary Diseases

Neonatal ICU & Nursery




For disabled

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

CT Scan & MRI


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