Al-Noor Hospital organizes yearly medical camps in rural areas of Pasrur. The purpose of these camps is to provide healthcare services and medicine free of cost. The medical teams participate in these camps. We divide our staff into different groups i.e triage, vitals, medical specialist, gynecologist, pharmacist, etc.

This year 2021 we covered these villages

  • Qila Kalar Wala
  • Sokan Wind
  • Ban bajwa
  • Panwana
  • Purab
  • Badiyna
  • Khan jaja
  • Lappy wali
  • Mali Pur
  • Chichar wali
  • Satrah
  • Kalaswala
  • Chwinda

In these villages ratio of patients was more than 1774.InshAllah we will cover more villages in the coming year.



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